We have brought together some of the very best teaching resources from our partners and leaders in environmental change.

All of the resources have been hand-picked by our experts to support the teaching of the national curriculum.

So, now we can all join together to achieve the COP26 goals.

Working towards the COP26 Goals

Reduce Global Carbon Emissions TO Net Zero By 2050 And Keep Global Warming Below 1.5 Degrees By:​

choosing clean energy
stopping deforestation by choosing sustainably sourced products, like sustainable palm oil
switching to sustainable travel
reducing the amount of waste we create

Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

Protecting forests, oceans and other ecosystems
Restoring lost habitats through reforestation and conservation
Helping communities most impacted by climate change

Work together to deliver

Find ways to work together to tackle the climates crisis and to spread the word.